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Pandit Muralidhara Bhatta

Pandit Muralidhara Bhatta a vedic scholar was born in Sringeri, Karnataka, India in a traditional orthodox Hindu family. His study of Rigveda and practice of Poorva Prayogam commenced under tutelage of his father. His formal vedic training was completed in Sringeri Shankara Math, Bangalore. During his undergraduate years in Bangalore University, he studied Commerce.

Currently, Pt. Bhatta, is associated with Durga Temple, Fairfax Station,VA.
Pt. Bhatta also known as MuralidharaJi, is a veritable linguist. He is fluent in English, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. One of his strengths is the capability to explain the significance of Hindu rituals and traditions to the people who have an interest in learning about Hinduism, irrespective of their race, faith, creed and background.

Pt. Bhatta is well versed in nuances of different styles of worship used in the Indian subcontinent (North Indian, South Indian, Gujraati, Punjabi etc.). You may contact him to determine his availability and to determine appropriate prayer ceremony suitable for your special event. He is willing to travel and can help you with all your religious needs like, fire ceremonies (Havans), all types of Pujas and Homams including Chandi Homam, Ganapati Homam, Rudra Homam, Navagrah Homam, Sudarshana Homam etc., Satyanarayana Puja and Katha; Shiv puja—Rudrabhishekam; Devi Puja–Saptashati Paath, BhagavatiSeva; all Sanskaras, and many more.

Dr. Suchira Pande

Dr. Suchira Pande, wife of Pandit Muralidhara Bhatta, is an Examiner at the United Patents and Trademark Office. She was born in Mathura, India and grew up in New Delhi. Suchira was awarded the National Science Talent Scholarship (NSTS) based on competitive exam by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) after finishing High School. This prestigious scholarship paved the way for Suchira to be exposed to the scientific research and methodology at a young age and opened up many doors for her to develop her career in science.

Suchira’s father Pt. Bhagirath Pande, was a disciple of Swami Maheshananda Giri of Niranjani Akhada, Dakshinamurti Math, Varanasi. He was a journalist by profession and a Gazetted Officer of Information and Broadcasting Ministry. During his lifetime he edited most of the books published by Mahesh Research Institute that were works of Swami Maheshananda Giri. Swami Maheshananda Giri was instrumental in planting the seed and helping Suchira develop an interest in Vedanta. A strong foundation of enquiry and reflection in the questions related to spiritual matters had been laid before Suchira moved to North America, to pursue her goal of higher education and training in her chosen field of Genetics.

Swami Bhashyananda of Ramakrishna Mission continued to nurture Suchira’s spiritual interest while she was a graduate student in Canada. During the years while Suchira was training in National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, US; Swami Dheerananda of Chinmaya Mission, provided a setting in which she became familiar with the English terminology used to express the Vedantic concepts.Suchira’s interest in spiritual matters, oratory skill, knowledge of Sanskrit, Hindi and an excellent command of English, are the qualities that enable her to communicate the most complex concepts of Hindu faith in a lucid manner for the target audience.

In 2000, Swami Punyananda Giri, the current Acharya of Niranjani Akhada travelled to Nepal and Tibet. At that time, Suchira accompanied Swami Punyananda Giri in the trip to sacred River Gandaki in Nepal and Lake MaanSarovar and Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

Swami ParmanandaGiri was inducted to become a Mahamandaleshwar of Niranjani Akhada, by Swami Punyananda Giri. Since 2002, Suchira has used her linguistic skills and understanding of Vedanta to benefit a sincere spiritual seeker by providing simultaneous translation of teachings in Hindi by Swami Parmananda Giri into English.

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