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Religious Services and Rituals

The Hindus believe that by performing the rituals they can get rid of hostile influences and at the same time can attract beneficial ones so that they may progress in their life materially and spiritually without any impediments. The material aim of the rituals is to gain cattle, progeny, long life, wealth, strength, and intellect. From the standpoint of hygiene, by performing the various rituals, especially those connected with the birth, all seminal and uterine impurities are washed out. It is also believed that “the upanayana, and vivaha samskaras with Vedic hymns entitled a person to perform all kinds of sacrifices befitting an Aryan and increasing his status in the society. Thus Hindu rituals have multipurpose. They have material, spiritual, health, and social purpose. Apart from this, the rituals also have moral purpose as they lay down the rules of conduct that should be followed by a disciplined individual. These rules of conduct in turn help an individual to develop his personality as a complete man. The rituals constitute the elements such as fire (Agni), prayers, appeals, and blessings, sacrifices, lustration, orientation, and symbolism.

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