Engagement Ceremony

Sl. No. ITEMS Quantity
1. Turmeric powder
2. Kunkumam
3. Akshatam and Chandanam
4. Rice 5 lbs.
5. Fresh flowers 2 bunches
6. Fresh fruits- 5 kinds 20 Bananas and 2-3 each
other fruits
7. Coconuts 5
8. Agarbathi and Camphor
9. Cotton wicks and oil for deepam
10. Pan Leaves -20
Supari -15
11. Quarters 40
12. Dry Fruits – Cashews, Almonds and Raisins
13. Neivedyam (Prasadam)
Any Sweets
2 box
14. Termeric sticks 5
Rings for exchange (optional)
15. Flower Garlands 2 Nos.
16. Saree with blouse piece or dress for bride and gifts or ornaments to be given to bride
17. Dhoti or Suit or dress for groom and gifts to be given
18. Gifts for grooms parents
19. Gifts for brides parents
20. Other gifts to the Attendees
21. Lagna Patrika (Invitation card – tentative format with date and location to read & exchange on this occasion 2 sets


Aluminiam Trays – Big -2, Small -2
Paper products
Steel plates, spoons, bowls
Deepasthambham and Bell, Panchapatram Uddharani, Arati plate
Alluminium foil
white sheet (washed) -2
Ganapati Lakshmi and Kuladevata photo
Kalasam (may be provided by priest)

Tips to Start the Pooja on Time.

* Please Keep Ready all the Pooja Materials at the Pooja Place.
* Open all Fruits, Pan Leaves, Mango Leaves & Coconuts From the Bag and Wash them Keep them in a Bowl.
* Prepare Deepas Ready to Light.
* Cut the Flowers From the Bunch.
* Keep the Turmeric Powder, Kumkum, Akshata, Chandan in a Cups.
* Please clean the coconuts & wash them.